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Dinner is served in Restaurant krydderiet from 6 pm until 10.30 pm
(the kitchen close at 09.30 pm)
Sunday closed

Moules marine with fresh herbs and steamed julienne herbs

kr. 95,00

Charcuterie plate with various sausages, duck mousse and Parma

kr. 95,00

Danish cabbage salad with grilled apple, pickled onions, roasted hazelnut and Danish cheese

kr. 85,00

Main course

Steak of Black Angus with baked tomato, broccoli, whisky sauce and fresh parsley

kr. 245,00

250 gr. fat marbled Rib eye from Black Angus with baked tomato, broccoli, whiskey sauce and fresh parsley
kr. 260,00 / 350 gr. Rib eye kr. 320,00

Steamed plaice fillets in white wine with cauliflower puré, crisp crudité, fumé and herb oil

 kr. 235,00

Braised lamb shank from Vibbygaard with celery mash, pickled beetroots, cinnamon and thyme
kr. 230,00


Anise poached pear with licorice parfait, syrup, chervil and crunch

kr. 95,00

Restaurant krydderiet´s exotic winter dessert

kr. 95,00

Ice cream of Restaurant krydderiet
kr. 75,00

Danish cheese with preserved fruits and homemade crispbread
kr. 100,00

Chef´s choice

The faster dish. A light and healthy choice. Please ask the waiter. It changes every day.
kr. 150,00

Coffee and sweets
kr. 60,00

Information about allergens. Our staff can provide information about allergenic ingredients in our dishes

3 courses choose from the menu
Kr. 385,00 with Rib eye Kr. 410,00 / Kr. 470,00
(Chef´s choice not included)