Evening serving in Restaurant krydderiet is open at 17.30 to 22.00
(The kitchen closes at 21.00). Sunday closed.

Snack menu


Mussel crisps of tapioca with ransoms emulsion

Fried oysters – lobster cream

Smoked quail egg – potato siphon – truffles

Caviar White Sturgeon 15g, créme fraiche 38%, blinis and challots

Danish asparagus – shrimps – hollandaise

Sugar-salted Norwegian lobster – buttermilk sauca – dill – cucumber

Starteers incl. home baked bread and whipped butter

Dkk. 80,-

Snack menu with bubbles

Dkk. 135,-

DKK 135,-

Dkk. 110,-

Dkk. 110,-

Main course

Beef of Hereford – Danish asparagus – Danish potatoes – veal gravy

Red dear – glaced rhubarbs – Danish onions – leek sauce

Skin fried hake – small onions – creamy cod sauce

Dkk. 265,-

Dkk. 225,-

Dkk. 225,-


Danish strawberries – condenced milk – lemon – raspberry sorbet

White chocolate – vanilla – rye crisp – tarrangon

4 Danish cheese withRestaurant krydderiet´s accompaniment


DKK 95,-


DKK 95,-


DKK 95,-

Chef's choice

Chef´s classic choice. Ask the waiter, it changes every day.

DKK 150

3 course menu

DKK 325,-

Danish asparagus – shrimps – hollandaise

Red dear – glaced rhubarbs – danish onion – leek sauce

Danish strawberries – condenced milk – lemon – raspberry sorbet

An evening in Restaurant krydderiet

8 courses – 6 servings

DKK 595,-

Wine menu DKk 400,-

Snack menu – passionfruit cocktail

Asparagus – shrimps

Sugar-salted Norwegian lobster

Fried hake

Red dear filet

Danish strawberries

Info about allergens: Our staff can provide information on allergenic ingredients in our dishes

Food out of the house

The Restaurant krydderiet is also deliverable in food out of the house if you even have a banquet room or want to keep your event in familiar surroundings. Contact us for an unobligated offer!