Lunch serving in Restaurant krydderiet is open from 12.30 to 16.00. Sunday closed.


Restaurant krydderiet´s lunch consist of 5 small dishes

DKK 150

Lunch steak with vegetables, potatoes and gravy

DKK 175

Restaurant krydderiet lunch salad with marinated salmon

DKK 135

Herring plate with 3 types of herring

DKK 75

Herbal sandwich with ham and fried eggs

DKK 85

Herbal sandwich with marinated salmon and crispy herbs

DKK 85

The house’s selection of cheeses with garnish

DKK 100

Restaurant krydderiet dessert dish

DKK 85

Order a table for lunch at 4824 0800 /

Allergens Info: Our staff can provide information about allergenic ingredients in our dishes

Food out of the house

Restaurant krydderiet is also deliverable in food out of the house if you even have a banquet room or want to keep your event in familiar surroundings. Contact us for an unobligated offer!