Buffet suggestions 1

Menu suggestion

Beech smoked salmon from own smoker

Marinated North Sea salmon with tomato and celery

Danish “spegeskinke” with bitter salads

Mushroom flan with truffle pesto and Trelleborg cheese

Cod soufflé with cucumber relish

Confit Danish hen with apples and parsley

Manitoba bread

Whipped butter

Olive tapenade

Cabbage with pomegranate, almonds and cranberries

Restaurant krydderiet’s herbal dressing

Green salads with crispy cruditeér, pickled herbs and vinaigrette

Broccoli with wheat, vinaigrette and crispy bacon

Beef cuvette of grain fed Hereford cattle with carrots

Filled lamb shoulders from Viby with burnt garlic

Augustus pork in local Pale ale with pickled onions

Fried potatoes with garden herbs

Pale ale Jus


Chocolate brownie with roasted nuts and chocolate tipping

Blackberries panna cotta with crystallized chocolate

Fruit platter with fruits from in and abroad

Cost per person DKK 325 for lunch

Cost per person DKK 365 to evening

Options: Danish and French cheeses DKK 35 per person

Food out of the house

Restaurant krydderiet is also delivering food out of the house if you have a banquet hall or want to keep your event in a familiar environment. Contact us for an unobligated offer!