Menu suggestion


Salmon mousse on homemade North Sea salmon with green salads, sour cream and crisp malt

Creamy cod fumé with poached cod, celeriac and pickled onions

Deer carpaccio from Klosterheden with celery, bitter salads and cranberries

Creamy Jerusalem artichoke soup with lightly smoked scallop, variety of artichokes and chlorophyll oil

Baked cod with lobster cream, butter steamed cabbage, pickled onion and cress

Veal tatar with smoked mayonnaise, dried tomatoes and herbs

Mosaik of cod with variation of Jerusalem artichoke, crispy malt and salad

Head dishes

Reed deer club with salt-baked celery, haricote vert, spring onions, potatoes and veal gravy

Stuffed Gråsten rooster with salt baked celery, herbal creme and fried potatoes

Veal culotte with mushroom cream, braised potato and vegetables

Augustus pork tenderloin with grilled apple, balsamic onion, crushed potato and apple gravy

Baked salmon i Rosé with egg cream, cabbage and peas


Serving 2 + DKK. 35 pr. person

Beef tenderloin + DKK. 35 pr. person


Vanilla panna cotta with condensed milk, ice cream and crispy caramel

Cheesecake with passion fruit anr chrystalized chocolate and thin caramel

Gateau marcel with burnt chocolate, pickled berries and sorbet

Restaurant krydderiets dessert

Mazarin and poached pear with chervil and vanilla

French lemon pie with burnt meringue and vanilla ice cream

Chocolate dream with heavy espresso chocolate cake, ice cream and burnt chocolate

2 courses DKK. 295

3 courses DKK. 355,

4 courses DKK. 395

5 courses DKK. 435

+ refresher DKK. 30

Same menu for all guests and inform about allergenes and intolerance when ordering

Food out of the house

Restaurant krydderiet is also delivering food out of the house if you have a banquet hall or want to keep your event in a familiar environment. Contact us for an unobligated offer!