Welcome starter

Cava and elderflower

4 course menu

Creamy cod fumé with poached cod, celeriac and pickled onions

Veal tatar with smoked mayonnaise, dried tomatoes and herbs

Red deer club with salt-baked celery, haricote vert, spring onions, potatoes and veal gravy

Chocolate dream with heavy espresso chocolate cake, ice cream and burnt chocolate

Manitoba bread

Whipped butter

Olive tapenade


High-quality house wines, a libitum during food

Coffee/Tea buffet with Petit four

Free bar (beer, water and wine)

Late night snack

Sausages and bread with various garnish


Spirits + DKK 100 per person

Cocktails 5 kinds + DKK 150 per person

Avec for the coffee + DKK 45 per person

Cost per person DKK 1095

The event is without time limit

Food out of the house

Restaurant krydderiet is also delivering food out of the house if you have a banquet hall or want to keep your event in a familiar environment. Contact us for an unobligated offer!